Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Remember her organization only wants background checks and training!

Welp....  Shannon Watts decided to endorse vigilantism today.

What she left out was...  well just read the excerpt in the link to her own tweet:  the man with the gun had a carry permit, moreso it was holstered and out of sight.

Seeing the man slip on the holstered gun in the parking lot, the tackler followed the victim, an older African American man, right into the store. Remember having a permit means, per Florida law, the gentleman had gone through training and a background check.... the very things Watts supposedly "Demands"

Video of the attack here.

There you go,  the head of a major gun control organization is miffed that a white man can't stalk, ambush, knock to the ground, and choke an elderly black man...  without being arrested.  I guess she supports the notion that vigilantes should assume a minority with a gun is automatically up to no good.

Also... one can see that situation awareness is an evergreen lesson learnt.  Not just for the man who got jumped,  but also for others in the store.

Look at  the video again.   Older black man gets jumped by a  white guy who is shouting about a gun... and people don't react.  At all.

You are on your own.

Update:  Looks like someone's doubling down

Yup.... it's our fault some nut went off half-cocked and decided to attack an elderly man simply because he was a minority with a gun.  And nevermind the actual reality of crime stats...

Gotta love the "Get a grip!" at the end.

Via Linoge  who quips "Oh, she doesn't oppose CCW (yeah right).  She just wants CCWers tackled."

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