Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bloomberg: Support me and I'll campaign against you! and Why I'll never Go back to New Jersey Part CC

From  Sebastian's news links for Today.

Also a bonus of MDA being just plain insane.

Moms Demand Action’s war on women: Against allowing expedited permit processing for women under active threat from a stalker or in an abusive relationship.

Boomberg has been smearing Scott Walker by pointing out he once supported a gun control bill. You know things are bad for the other side when they try to cause problems for politicians for supporting their bills!
Good guy with a gun saves lives in a Philadelphia barber shop. 
New Jersey claims yet another innocent victim with their gun laws. This keeps happening because New Jersey’s gun laws entrap innocent people by design. It’s a way of rigging the law so easy and routine mistakes are felonies, and they can still look down on you smugly for thinking they are after your guns.
I mean does MDA even know how that action looks?    I mean they don't have to oppose every gun rights bill that comes up.  They can just be quiet about the ones that are... difficult to go against.

Also great incentives Bloomberg is giving here.  So basically he's saying to Republican candidates "Don't support any gun control ever, or we'll use it against you!"  Huh...

And New Jersey is an awful place.  And really I see that as a more ample definition of Kafkatrapping, than the more colloquial one.

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