Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cracked on Caracas

An interesting article written by a resident on how messed up the sky-high crime rate is in that city (and the rest of Venezuela) and the effects it has.

Though as your read it you'll note a couple things that the article leaves out which loom heavily in the reader's mind.  Namely the state (even just competence) of the Venezuelian government and that guns are banned in Venezuela.

But hey, at least the article isn't blaming the country's woes on the US.

I'm particularly amused by how at the end of one page the writer finishes with:

So why in the world does Caracas seem to have more criminals than Gotham City? The answer is complicated, but ...

And then in the next page proceeds to talk about a different subject (Namely that criminals aren't you you expect!), and not actually answer the question.  Which is odd because the writer was the one to bring the issue up...

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