Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wow... not only is that a lazy hack job, but it's an angry one.

So someone went to a Honduran city and found it all icky anarchy and used it as a rant against libertarian philosophy.  

Wow... amazing how there's so much bile and anger but so few of it is simply "libertarian"  and more of a poor Central & South American nation.

Also it's interesting to see that frequent obscenity use is in line with  Salon's editorial standards.  But I guess ranting about "libertarian bullshit" was more important than pointing to actual...  laws and policies that are libertarian.

And then there's a lot of teeth gnashing about all the guns and armed guards  when the gun laws in Honduras are...  kinda strict.  Okay they could be a lot worse... but so many of the guns described in the writer's travelogue would be... illegal.

As for the government....  that doesn't sound exactly libertarian.

And as for the city itself... its problems seem to be due to drug gangs.  Is the argument that the municipal government decided to declare the city "open" and stop enforcement of laws?

Because why have the police use pickup trucks with machine guns? But fine, a bunch of illegal arms trade and even more illegal drug trade.  Oh those wacky Libertarians.

Oh but the real sin is see...  the rich can make gated communities with their own private security and walls... which... is really common in South America.  In fact so common that it's been written in multiple scholarly papers.

Huh,  okay...  rampant crime, a sky high murder rate,  crazy gaps between the haves and have nots, and a corrupt government incapable of providing basic services...

So...  by this writer's standards  Venezuela would be an example of Libertarian governance failing.

Or Mexico....

Added: And as a bonus, the person who smugly gave me this link is, himself, very much anti Drug War and would prefer a... libertarian solution to that problem.  But that shouldn't be too surprising as this fellow is also very anti police but is for gun control, including things like May Issue. And for the hat trick he's also against rich people getting special rights... while openly stating that in his Massachusetts town only the connected assholes can get carry permits...

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