Thursday, March 19, 2015

Craked on police corruption.... easy on the corruption.

So...   Cracked has an article entitled 6 Things I Did as a Cop in a Shockingly Corrupt Small Town
Alternate url title: 6-things-i-learned-broke-police-force-in-lawless-town.html

And what's interesting is that only two of the six are corruption.  And one is really a subset of the other.  Course when you decide to lump everything into #3 You'll Witness a Whole New Level of Corruption...  your quiver is kind of empty.

What's interesting is that ahead of it is an entry that talks about this:

Unemployment in Scott County has always been rampant, meaning that many of the residents there were on some kind of government assistance. So every first and third week of the month, when the welfare checks come in: Happy Domestic Disturbance Day! Families would get into fistfights because dad went out and spent most of the money on heroin and was now refusing to share it (and what example is that for the kids?). The ends of each month were even more brutal. That's when all the money and drugs ran out.

Well...  is this PC because it's southern rural people who are on the dole and causing crimes related to said dole?

And amusingly the list is also light on stuff the officer did himself.   Ah well.

Though the amusing part is that... with one sheriff's election the whole department turned around.  So an easier clean sweep than big municipal departments with very entrenched special interests.

Oh, as a time-capsule bonus there's a joke about waiting periods for gun purchases. How quaint.

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