Monday, May 18, 2015

A range report.

So I recently got a CED 7000  shot-timer.

And yesterday, I just got back from the range with it.

And no complaints.   Menu easy enough to use,  sensor worked well.   It wasn't overly hot or overly bright today so I can't tell that.

One thing I did notice is:  Your mind LIES.

There were times where I thought my draw was slow and sucky,  but the timer said it was still on par.  There were a other times where I thought I was rushed and missed on the draw, but it turns out I wasn't any faster (I still missed).

But was important to realize that shaving some tenths of a second isn't good if I miss the steel.

So yes, I would recommend a shot clock.  Provided you've 1) got a range where you can have *some* privacy (the sensor would only pick up shooters within the same bay),  and 2) you're the type of shooter that has a logbook.  Since there's a lot of neat data you can get to compare your times versus groupings versus guns.

Oh, and if the range allows draw from holster that's gravy. As that's a neat time to checkout too.

But yeah, I really recommend a clock, especially if you want to work on some of the fundamentals.  And actually track how you're doing, because again,  your mind LIES.

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