Thursday, May 7, 2015

I don't mean to keep mocking Cracked but it's like they've gone mad...

So on Sunday Cracked ran an article where they postulated that the Police are: militarized, dangerous to the citizens, and utterly unaccountable  and thus there should be mass bans and confiscation of guns in private hands.

Now I've already talked about how fractally wrong of an idea that is.  Gee I wonder who's gonna enforce the demand that the citizenry give up their arms!

But Cracked managed to top themselves.

See now they're postulating that the Police are:  militarized, dangerous to the citizens, utterly unaccountable, and that voilence is the only means for progress against them Thus...  they've already stated the next Civil War.

Leaving aside the validity of their conclusions (Or pondering why is it that people living in cities like Baltimore don't have any real representation and even the poor are crushed by taxes and regulations... despite voting for the same Machine Politics for decades)...

Let's just bask in how Cracked is waving flag warning about an oncoming civil war...  while advocating that the police disarm their enemies.

Kinda makes you wonder exactly which side they're on?

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