Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Gun laws versus Hunting laws.

Tam has some history on Indiana's Deer regulations. 

In short:  The DNR was working to ween back a nearly extinct species (deer) about a hundred years ago and, surprisingly, succeed.  However despite having a glut of deer there mentality of "we need to make the culling harder" is only now slowly turning.

For even stranger lookup how the Indiana DNR determines what is a "rifle" cartridge versus what is a "handgun" cartridge.


Tam said...

That's because the handgun cartridge thing is pretty new. Like all laws, this stuff builds by sedimentation.

(And it only has to be a handgun cartridge if you're shooting it in a rifle; you can shoot rifle cartridges as long as you shoot them from handguns. Clear as mud? XD )

The Jack said...

Ah. I did find it amusing that some handgun cartridges counted and some did not. (Like 45acp versus 45 colt. Though that was a couple years ago when I looked and my memory might be off).

Wait.... so one could hunt deer in Indiana using an AR with 223, but only if it's a pistol AR?

Tam said...

I don't know the minimum bullet diameter for handguns. For rifles, it's .357".

The Jack said...

Ah! Forgot about the min diameter.