Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The latest group of "Only Ones" Theater Managers.

So... Cracked has had a bit of a... history of putting up some anti-gun screeds.

Now for amusement look at item #1 of this list  on behind the scenes at movie theaters.

Most managers started carrying a gun under their coat or at least had one in their office. It wasn't something the company was keen on, but when you are actually in the building ... you become aware of every gap in your security,


Now, personally, I applaud the management for taking the defense of their patrons seriously and realizing the limitations of their security.

But... I'm not the management of said companies that, sometimes,  ban carry in their theaters  or try to keep their employees from carrying.

And I'm not a publication that will occasionally run articles laughing off self-defense as a paranoid fantasy and demanding broad firearms confiscation.

But hey, maybe Cracked thinks  Theater Managers are, like cops, among the "Only Ones" fit to carry guns.

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