Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mr. A cheers for.... Rand Paul.

So...   Mr A came up and was routing this link:

While saying "[Mr. A] does the freedom dance!"

Though it's not all skittles and beer.

See Mr. A is a known and very irate  Champagne Socialist and of late...  incoherent Gamergate supporter (incoherent in the sense that he produces pro gamergate memes that are dense and confusing).

So it shouldn't be surprising that  Mr. A is looking for other sources of news and taking it where he can.  This is a man who works in a technical field and despite being very liberal has a raging hate for Greens, Feminists, and SWJs (his words).

Heck, just look at this other peice on the same The Libertarian Republic  about "The Left" and their "War on Nerds"

What's interesting is the reaction from two others in the room.

[Blue-collar-Left-who is anti-police and anti-rich]: Huh rand paul
[Blue-collar-Left-who is anti-police and anti-rich]:  Guess even a stopped clock is right twice a day
[Quite Left, Quite Rich Englishman] Hey, at least your elected leader hasn't said "For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone."
That shows the lack of  true empathy (which is not limited to the left).  An American who follows police abuses and civil liberties should not be surprised that Rand Paul is anti-patriot act.

And as for the Englishman.... big words coming from someone who was all gung ho about "hate speech" laws.  And this isn't any sort of defense of the insane, totalitarian speech restrictions the Tories are promoting (which read like something out of an Allan Moore comic),  but then again, I don't advocate for hate speech or that news outlets I don't like should be banned...

[Quite Left, Quite Rich Englishman]  I'm pretty sure the tartan tory vote willl have literally died out within the next twenty years, after all.

Amusing given the Tartan Labour vote has also died out...  Don't they have the same number of seats up in Scotland as the Tories do?

Really the whole "One Nation" claptrap used to justify mass free speech suppression is darkly amusing given an openly secessionist party has one basically all of the Scottish parliament seats.

And Mr. A has some.. surprising thoughts on that:

I'm kind of thankful that the SNP exists.  Everyone in the states who gives a damn is looking at that and thinking, and we'd be a lot better off as a union of states than as either 'murrica or Amerikkka

Oh? "States Rights" and shrinking the power of the Federal government?  Though again don't take much heart to this,  given  Mr. A seems to be thinking this way because of "Those damn feminists!"

[Quite Left, Quite Rich Englishman] It hasn't stopped the UK electing a government whose agenda includes scrapping the Human Rights Act, permitting pervasive monitoring, bringing in arbitrary restrictions on undesirables, and introducing censorship of the media.  And that's just what they're admitting to.

Again, this is coming from someone quite well off (has a house in the London area that is astronomically valued) who thinks Labour isn't "red" enough.  And in the past has gone about the dangers of Hate Speech and that there's not enough restrictions to keep the media "honest".  Who, like Mr. A, has demanded confiscatory taxes that they themselves would be except from...

But this shows that "the left" is actually quite riven with division and cuts, especially when you go international.

Again the Englishman in the room has this sarcastic bon mot :

 On the 'plus side', telling the police union to piss off and live with their heavy cuts was a rather brave move for a politician to make after serious riots only a few years ago with heavy cuts to public services and welfare on the cards.

Which is a sharp contrast with the American leftists in the room who are extremely anti-police to where they'll even complain about police unions, which used to be sacred such US circles.

 (Though there will be come cognitive dissonance with gun control... in that cops shouldn't have weapons of war, but cops should be able to say who can and cannot have gun permits...)

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