Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ace starts getting sized for his Wookie Suit.

He starts talking about legalizing pot and how NRO and other Republicans are signaling if not agreement with legalization, apathy towards fighting it.

Why should you care what the hell I choose to do in my own home? And why are you so eager to use the coercive force of the state to dictate to me what I do? Including throwing me in jail for doing something that, if not perfectly harmless, is certainly of a lower level of harmfulness than many things?

The liberty argument is a strong one.

The counter-argument, and the one I have previously relied upon/acceded to, was that the state has such a powerful interest in protecting people from harming themselves that our Duty to Protect outweighs the case for liberty.

But I don't believe that any more. For one thing, I am becoming, little by little, and belatedly, very suspicious of any argument that assigns liberty a lower priority than another value. And I'm becoming, again belatedly, very very suspicious of the general claim that we can use the Coercive Power of the State to make people live better lives.

Emphasis in original.

Indeed. The idea that the power of the State should be used to make you "better" is just greasy.

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