Sunday, July 24, 2011

More on Norway.

Roberta X's thoughts:

The world has a remarkably large supply of Christian fundamentalists in the full range of skin tones, most of them not at all racist; I daresay there are more of them than there are guns. All but one of 'em didn't do any mass killing last week -- and I rather doubt most of the people the press has lumped him in with would claim him. Likewise, there are guns in this world; just as long there is metal, charcoal, sulfur and saltpeter, there will be guns and as long as there are criminals and violently-inclined crazies, they will have firearms. Y'know what stops such persons? Honest, law-abiding people with guns of their own.

The Unabomber wasn't any more sane or moral than this miserable jerk, even though he never fired a shot. But there was a better chance of stopping Mr. A.B.B. than Ted Kaczynski -- and an even better chance of limiting the harm he could do had any members of his chosen group of victims been able to shoot back.

Including the bit about impersonating a police officer (don't question the guardian of the state don'cha know), doing a big flashy diversion, and picking a pool of unarmed victims.

Though with no concealed carry and onerous transport laws, that's far easier in Norway, avoid any shooting clubs, hunting areas, and military or police.

Again, the only way people like this are stopped is with force of arms against them.

And a more cynical thought from the Chicago Boyz Lexington Green wonders how long it'll be before Obama uses this slaughter as a talking point, and Green bets it'll be a "major theme for them going forward."

Told you I thought people outside of Norway would try to exploit this.

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