Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Reasonable Restrictions.

Weer'd Beard looks at the insanity involved in San Francisco's new carry law. I guess since total bans are out they decided to make the process as unpalatable as possible.

Over 2 grand in fees, range qualification, training, psychological testing, a limit on calibers, makes and models, trigger pulls (but only for Glocks), no carry in chamber (but only for single action), retention holsters, mandatory $1 million insurance, testing is limited to a specific weapon, the permit is good for only one year, and they can deny you at any point in the process for any reason.

Reasonable! Way to make Massachusetts look fairly sane. Well no, Mass is still insane: see Weer'ds Update on that subject.

I kid there are many that would consider this too be far too unrestrictive, but that it'd be a good start.

And the person I cite also tries such winning arguments as this:

GET RID OF THE GUNS NOW, before it’s too late, before they get into your blood and under your skin, before you get addicted to that false sense of safety and security.
All caps in the original.

Talk about "weapon effect" and magical thinking.

And Rebecca's response to the "reasoned" plea. And then from Rebecca's partner. In short: "Molon labe".

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