Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Advice.

Jay G has some.

Funny, isn't it, that we celebrate our nation's independence with fireworks and such to commemorate the battles that helped gain her independence. Why not celebrate with the tools used to gain - and keep - her free?

Go to the range this Fourth of July and celebrate America's birthday!

I was planning to hit the range this weekend...

And speaking of fireworks, here's more from Jay.

So, why do so many feel emboldened to break the law? Well, for starters, it's just plain bad law. There's about a thousand things more dangerous for sale at any home improvement store; probably hundreds of which are explosive in their own right. Hell, you can go to any gas station, pump a gallon of gas, and grab a lighter for under $5 total - no permit needed, no license, nothing. Banning fireworks out of some inherent need to keep us safe from ourselves is bound to fail from the onset - we're incredibly capable of finding new and unique ways to injure ourselves.

And the local PD know this, and choose to only very selectively enforce the law. This is both good and bad. It shows some common sense, in that the kid who lights off a sparkler on the Fourth of July isn't going to wind up with a felony conviction for possession of illegal explosives. But at the same time, stupid laws that are not enforced should be repealed - the more dumb laws there are on the books that we don't enforce, the more we "need" more laws to save us from ourselves it seems.

Oy. There's also that giving the cops more and more laws that it's okay to "selectively enforce" gives them a lot more power. It turns everything into a "May Issue".

An older post of mine on Mass and banned fireworks.

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