Saturday, July 2, 2011

How... convenient.

Once again trouble aproaches the President and once again it turns out that all the limits on his power and checks and balances were merely ornamental.

Turns out that that debt ceiling is jus a suggestion.

It's nice how things keep breaking his way. Man all those other presidents in the last 50 years that had to have it raised every eight months were suckers.

And yet, if he did pull something like declaring the debt ceiling unconstitutional, he’d be seizing control of the country’s apocalyptic debt problem for the purpose of running up more debt. I doubt it would even accomplish what he wanted it to accomplish: If the goal here is to reassure creditors that the U.S. will never default on its obligations in order to avert a market panic and skyrocketing interest rates, how exactly would a power grab involving an utterly novel constitutional theory achieve that? Does a bitter court battle, with the legality of payments issued on Obama’s unilateral order hanging in the balance, sound like a smart way to put investors at ease?

Not only that but the debt ceiling itself was raised year after year, no matter the parties in Congress or the White House. And now that's too much of a hurdle?

Sure. That's real confidence inspiring.

"Dear creditors, ignore the increasingly questionable means we justify growing our debt. We'll pay it off, for realsies."

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