Saturday, July 30, 2011

The State versus The Rich

Roberta X has an interesting essay.

It also touches on what is considered a "conservative" these days. Strange times.

I'll just say it's funny what having a legal monopoly on force can do for you. For example if a rich person or a company wants your money, he has to convince you to enter into a contract, usually by offering goods or services.

A government? They just demand it at gunpoint.

Yes, a rich person could lobby the government to make his products compulsory, but guess who's still the one doing the leg-work? Roberta says the exact same thing in regards to wars.

This is why I'm much more concerned about governmental action than corporate. Corps and rich people have to be "invited" in to cause mischief, and you can always quit their service. Try doing that with the State.

As for the rich and how much they pay in fed taxes. Well... Look at those numbers and tell me if that's fair. And if you think it's too low for your bracket, well, why aren't you paying more? The IRS does take donations.

Link also via Roberta.

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