Monday, February 15, 2016

And here we see Cracked's own minds... crack.

So Cracked did a list on "horrifying valentines day promotions".  And you can guess one of 'em was about guns.

(To be fair,  not all of my posts about Cracked are when they go into gun control.  Increasingly they've started being scolds about movies being too violent and bongs being too easy to buy)

On talking about Vegas wedding options that have range time,  with some high priced rentals before the ceremony....

Now, we're not saying that's a bad thing. In fact, a large portion of us here at Cracked would jump at the chance to spend the day screaming "GET SOME" while firing off hundreds of AK-47 rounds with our significant others. The problem is that these offers came a mere two months after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Or as Wikipedia puts it, "the second-deadliest mass shooting by a single person in U.S. History." The one that resparked heated gun debates and forced ads, TV shows, movies, and video games to remove gun-related material.
Well that's the thing Cracked you have said that that's a bad thing.  Because you've put up some very stridently anti gun writers and let them be your go to guys for writing on gun control.

Oh and thanks for linking that the main objections to these events are similar in nature to people wanting to censor TV, movies, and video games.

Obviously this shows how crazy...

Wait no...   Cracked didn't you recently, publish an article blaming Hollywood movies for how they decrepit guns?

Why yes you did!

And about the gun control gun rights thing...

We're not here to take a stance on that debate (that's a whole library's worth of articles full of opposing viewpoints), but we can certainly understand why some people would cringe after hearing about the promotion to empty a machine gun clip into pictures of their ex.

We?  Now this article was written by two people    so presumably this is their opinion and the we is not an "editorial" we.

Still isn't it funny how Cracked has taken to distancing themselves from the "gun control" side, at least overtly?

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