Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cracked... now complaining about violence in movies.

So it looks like the antis are *finally* admitting that gun violence is down in the US.

What do to?

Why scream about mass shootings.
And here's Cracked....

Despite a massive drop in gun violence, spree shootings are such the American craze that VH1's inevitable I Love The 2010s will be nothing but ten episodes of George Takei weeping. And thanks to the Internet, the debate is almost as exhausting as the sorrow. The loudest voices tend to pin blame on a single problem, like gun control or mental health, while groups like the NRA eject responsibility more forcibly than a Chipotle-filled bowel. No one wants to admit that their side might contribute to what is clearly a broad cultural problem. And that can't be more evident than when looking at cinema and the really fucking weird choices filmmakers keep making when it comes to guns.

Movies may not cause people to suddenly become maniacs, but that doesn't mean that Hollywood doesn't have a pants-poopingly bizarre, almost dangerously naive view of how gun violence works. Starting with the fact that ...

Yes... that's their preamble to the their article on how Hollywood doesn't get guns.
Yes... they wrote that article again.

Do note that the NRA is culpable for the mass shootings but not for the decline in overall gun deaths. And do note that Cracked has in the past complained that gun control advocates focus on Mass Shootings when they're only a small part of overall "gun death".

Oh and isn't it funny that now Cracked gets to go "The loudest voices tend to pin blame on a single problem, like gun control "  Pot. To. Kettle.

Of course it wouldn't be Cracked if they went into a creepy anti-free speech setup.  I mean they say that that Hollywood is culpable but they don't say Hollywood should be censored....

And let's quickly go over the list.  They complain that Hollywood doesn't portray guns and injuries realistically.  Duh.

Then they get angry that Hollywood makes people who have lots of guns good guys.
Like  Kay from MIB,  Sarah Connor and Bert Gummer.   And sure the article points out that these people are nuts, the article then complains that they're hero.

Oh and then the article does the expected thing and links to an article calling a dozen guns a "cache" and complains about how "here's no real-world reason to stockpile guns"

But the best whine is at how in movies even anti-gun people will use guns in an emergency.

The next part has Cracked complain that cops and the military aren't good guys vigilantes are!
Need I remind you this is the same Cracked that things the Police are brewing a civil war against America...

But the next part has them complain that Hollywood is making victims look bad!  While also complaining about Death Wish.  Again... Cracked now sounds like Tipper Gore.

And then there's this part.
Saying the "good guy with a gun" argument is bullshit isn't anti-gun, by the way. Any responsible gun owner with a concealed carry permit knows that part of having a gun is not trying to be a Michael Bay character when shit gets real. Without the proper training, trying to get the jump on an active shooter is like pulling out a Hail Mary pistol when you're a '90s action villain: It only ends one way.

Yeah....    funny how the guy completely misses the whole point of disengaging or  you know...  If a gun owner with a CCW didn't think  "good guy with a gun" could make a difference he wouldn't be carrying.

But the best part...  Nubmer 1.

Where the article complains about how movie heroes kill lots of people.

But note the bait and switch.

See what I'm getting at here? While none of these films directly caused gun violence, they certainly glorify everything we find unspeakable when done in the real world. To that crazy fuck with a gun, pop culture has declared that dressing in SWAT gear and dramatically shooting people we don't like is a heroic problem-solver. As a movie fanatic, I would never suggest that filmmakers like Tarantino stop making super-stylized shootout scenes. But it's hard to deny that when a culture makes guns readily available to almost everyone while also idolizing their reckless use in fiction, it's kind of stupid to wonder where this shit is coming from.

Ah...  so in other words.   The writer think his hobby is making people murderers  but he don't want to censor movies.  So instead he demands other people be infringed.

So he can enjoy the movies that you think are warping people and making them more violent.

What happens if movies start to glorify knives or arson?    Will you ban those things too?

And take this movie.

I remember a time when Cracked would have applauded a first person mindless action movie.

Now I'm sure they'd go all Tipper Gore and bemoan how it glorified violence and puts the gun in the audience's hand.

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