Thursday, February 4, 2016

More pearl-clutching from Cracked.

This time it's about how scary the internet is!

For a change of pace... at least they're not whining about guns.

Basically here they are being shocked, shocked about things that are illegal online.

Commence the pearl clutching!

The hilarious part about this is the writer's shock about people being able to buy Brass Knuckles and knives online is that he thought they were already illegal!

Yes it is like someone fretting about the "Demon Rum" or the "Evils of Porn" finding that mail-order exists.

What's cute is the writer getting the vapors over these products being illegal in the first place belies that his concern is merely that such things are sold online. (I mean since there's no background check or prohibited persons class for knives...)

But wait! The article's #1 freakout is on "drug paraphernalia". Yes Cracked is freaking out that bong accessories, little spoons, little vials and other basic products are available on Amazon.

Remember when Cracked advocated for drug legalization?

Oh and for a bonus aside from one line there's one mention of guns in the article (and that's a joke about Chicago).

Hmmm... odd that. Especially given it's in the title of the accompanying audio. Well someone with more patience than me can listen to that.

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