Sunday, February 14, 2016

Occupy Democrats: The difference a year makes

Remember when Occupy Dems wanted lese majesty to be treason?

Well here's their meme:

And a year later....

Now they say that going against the president is the American way.


Oh and as a bonus....  this posted yesterday morning before it hit the airwaves that Justice Scalia had passed on.

Still think Occupy Dems would maintain that wishing the president's attempt to appoint a new SCOTUS judge would "fail is the American way"?

Wow... that didn't take long.

Unprecedented?  Uh...  no....
Here's a bit of historical information that shows... that yeah there's president. 

Also note that the logic that not voting in the way the President wants is a rejection of the constitution and democratic values.   Well again... see the first meme they put up.

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