Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cracked *almmmoooost* endorses the Judicious use of Force and Self Defense

So in an article talking about

So Cracked has an article about how Deadpool was Exactly as violent as it needed to be.

Okay... and they talk about how violence is part of art and narrative conflict and is entertaining.

Quite right.

And then the article goes beyond its use in fiction and into real world violence, and then about how there's good and bad violence...

We're told so very often growing up that violence is never the answer. But what about when it is? 
Oh... so maybe they'll tall about self defense?

Adam Brown steps into the ring against Ronda Rousey and spectators have paid $20 a head to watch this debacle and the winner gets a free dinner and a Fitbit, what is it we've come to see? We're all waiting for the show. If neither party fights, then we didn't get what we came for and everyone is disappointed. Violence was the answer, in this case. In pro boxing, in MMA, in the WWE, violence is the answer.


And later on...

Much like alcohol and drugs can be abused, a car can be used as a weapon, and you can use fire to cook a tasty burger or burn down an orphanage, violence in general can be abused. To lump it all together under one banner as bad, or subhuman, or crass and bestial, does a disservice to humanity and insults us all.

The funny part... is that they're talking about bloodsports ( yes the article itself uses that term).
So violence is okay if it's for entertainment....

Heck note the article has "weapon" as a universal negative on the car example.

But points to Cracked for at least pointing out about consent and that just because someone else abuses X doesn't mean that X should be banned.

Huh...   odd that only a couple weeks ago they were going on about how violent movies are to blame for mass shootings...

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