Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Cracked admits that government is completely incompetent.

Their article on Flint's water mess is interesting for two reasons
1) they admit that government is completely, dangerously incompetent and utterly without redress or accountability.
2) And despite the heresy in 1  the article is an amazing case of "the dog that didn't bark"....

Sure they bemoan how infrastructure is crumbling and how "Our parents were promised Star Trek. We're getting, like, fucking Battletruck,"  but there's no mention of how politicians have been demanding and crowing about their infrastructure spending.

And it's not broached that despite the various governments have been spending huge amounts on "infrastructure" (Remember the Stimulus?) that the money has just "vanished"

Sure the article bemoans the racism in the system, but ignores who is running the system.
(Heck the article breezily sidesteps how this was being used to solely blame the one Republican the media could find...)

It's yet another case of the people screaming for "more government" decrying the actions of "more government."

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