Monday, June 27, 2011

An aside, expanded on.

DrewM is talking about how the Washington Post blames the ATF's deliberate arming of narco terrorists with weapons that they forced gun shops to sell on the NRA and gun nuts.

You see... somehow a government agency abusing its power is the vault of the staunchest critics of said agency who are dedicated to reducing that agency's power.

I guess the Post thinks that if the ATF had more power it would somehow be less inclined to abuse it via antics that get American border agents killed and are basically acts of war.

But I'm more interested in this aside of Drew's:
(isn't interesting there are people who advocate against a recognized constitutional right?)

Yes, yes it is.

Also note that they very, very rarely advocate amending the constitution to achieve their goals.

Who are these people you might ask? ThirdPower has a primer.

Weer’d Beard also looks into just who these people are.

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