Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Evil and Stupid.

So a bunch of young people are at a party. Robbers come in and steal their phones and money. Then the women are split off from the men, and the robbers start counting how much ammo they have. You can guess what the criminals were planning.

Thankfully one of the victims, a Marine named Barner, was able to get to his gun and save the lives of his friends.

Robb Allen has some thoughts and cuts right to the bone.

Having a gun will not prevent things like this from happening, it’s not a magical talisman that wards off danger, but it does give people a chance. The Brady Campaign, the VPC, and the Joyce Foundation would have preferred a room full of dead, raped people than allow Ensign Barner to carry a tool for self defense. And this is why I consider them evil.

And Weer'd Beard looks further into it.

This story has been very close to my heart because it covers so many gun rights issues. First these were college students….you know the ones who should never have guns, right? Second it was a massive assault where the robbers mentioned their plans to rape all the women, then execute the entire party. “Give them What they Want?” What if what they want is to rape you and then kill you and your friends?

He's also incensed that the story seems to be deliberately suppressed in the media. Yes, can't have examples showing that self defense might be a viable option. No better to bury that story and push for more empowerment of criminals.

If stories of self defense were reported well.. it'd make this chump's claims even easier to dismiss.

The move is being hailed as a major victory by those who believe concealed carry provides a much-needed safety net for law-abiding citizens who can now feel free to summon up their inner Clint Eastwood on demand to defend their loved ones.

Of course, that's a crock.

That's just the start of Eugene Kane's whine about Wisconsin's new CCW law.

Also via Robb: "Gotta love how the author dismisses the hundreds of thousands of successful self defense events each year as ‘a crock’."

James R. Rummel ran a charity where he would teach defensive firearm use to those victimized in crimes. He specialized in the disabled and elderly and was reminiscing in a recent post.

A disabled student found comfort in the lock I installed on the inside of her bathroom door. She would routinely take her gun in with her while using the facilities, carefully keeping it within reach while making an effort to keep it dry.

This level of concern was not surprising, considering that she had lost both legs below the knees. When her own home invasion took place she was completely helpless, and was determined that it was not to be like that the next time.

Consider that. If the gun banners had their way, that woman would have nothing. Like Robb said before, the Brady Campaign, the VPC, the Joyce Foundation and their fellow travelers would rather an elderly woman be rendered defenseless than let her have a firearm.

Weer'd also looks closer to home at aspecial kind of stupid coming out of Boston.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is calling for a ban on motorized dirt bikes in the city, partly in response to a shooting in a Dorchester playground that wounded a four-year-old boy.

It's natural that they'd blame the tool and not the person isn't it?

The Dorchester neighborhood of Boston is totally in the grips of the gangs, and most of the murders go unsolved because witnesses refuse to come forward because they and their families will be killed by the gangs for “Snitching”.

So we have what are likely underage gang members with illegally acquired guns, in a state that requires a permit and training to own a gun, registers all guns, demands background checks on all sales, and has a “Safety Roster” that restricts the sale of many types of handguns.

And the solution is to ban mopeds.

Well, they already banned "assault weapons".

And also from Mass, Jay G looks at the scams that universities are coming up with to keep their magical "No guns allowed" force fields up. He's.. not inspired by the level of thought coming from academia.

At the shibboleth that 18- to 24-year-olds are stupid with booze and get all heated up by "the teaching".

This line of "reasoning" is so flawed I don't even know where to start. First off, you dolts, those immature and irrational 18-24 year olds that "make poor choices" CAN ALREADY OWN GUNS. By your own admission, they make bad choices, right? Do these imbeciles actually think that having a "No Guns Allowed" policy is going to stop some drunk 20 year old from walking on campus with a firearm? I'm frightened that they might just be thinking that...

Not to mention that drinking is already illegal if you're under 21. How's that ban working out? Also the idea that college students would shoot each other over "heated discussions" is just the ivory tower version of the old "shootouts over parking spaces" nonsense.

Jay just shakes his head at the whole stupidity.

One wonders, then, how someone allegedly so educated - we're talking college-level administrators and such - can be so close-minded and willfully ignorant of the facts. School shootings are extremely rare to begin with - but assaults, robberies, and rapes, sadly, are not. The number of illegal shootings committed by concealed weapons permit holders are miniscule, yet these are the very people against whom these laws are written.

Again they're either morons for believing this or they're evil for deliberately victimizing people or both.

And this is all coming from people who teach and think for a living!

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