Wednesday, June 15, 2011


An article about American Eugenics with some... curious omissions.

You see... it's not eugenics if our heros did it, and besides Americans have
too many kids.

And they're too dumb anyway, haven't you seen Idiocracy?

Ah, but more money to education will solve that right quick.

And it was only a couple days ago that I was talking with someone who insisted that the Republicans all secretly want to kill the "brown people".

Then the conversation went on to Mech Warrior and how awesome it was that in one of the factions (the Clans I think) only those that proved themselves were allowed to breed. But you see it's the Republicans that are those behind eugenics, not the smart set that immediately start talking about enacting it while looking up to Margaret Sanger's wisdom.

And that's not even getting into people who are ostensibly "pro-choice" wanting to put a sharp cap on pregnancy, or the horribly invasive and totalitarian state that would be required to enforce such a scheme.


But it's not like people have to be internally consistent. Reminds me of the rash of "gay" "women" bloggers (one out of three ain't bad?).

Worse, it’s propaganda. McMaster’s fake-but-accurate lesbian was perfectly pitched to Western liberals desperate to alleviate the pain of cognitive dissonance. No longer must you think too hard or make tough choices if you’re, say, anti-Israel and pro-democracy or pro-gay rights and in favor of the self-determination of Muslim fanatics. Heck, you can even stop worrying and love a lesbian feminist who sees no big deal in wearing a religiously required sack over her head.

Of course she was a hero. Of course she didn’t exist.

via Ed Driscoll

And here's Reynolds interviewing Goldberg to expand on that "Magical Realism" idea.

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