Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Common Sense

How bad is Massachusetts?

Wee'rd Beard gives a taste.

And he goes beyond the capricious corruption of "May Issue". When I lived in New Yord State there were several social groups that were "permit farms". Joined one and after making the right donations your permit (which you had to have to even own a handgun) would have a much higher chance of passing.

Not only do they have some of the most obnoxious legal hoops to simply own a gun, let alone what they require to carry, but there's a flagrant flouting of the rule of law:

As I said these additional requirements are illegal to add to the application process, and some of them may no longer be in practice, but they are rarely challenged, because who wants to be on the shit-list of your local police? Also who wants to pay thousands of dollars to contest a few hundred dollar hoop (not to mention you likely plan on putting some serious cash down on guns, ammo, cleaning, and safety gear).

Furthermore your permit can be revoked for any reason, even if you are not convicted of a crime. There are cases of people getting their permit revoked for ACCIDENTAL open carry (note open carry is 100% legal in Massachusetts if you have a Mass Permit…but its the general consensus that open carrying will get your permit revoked)

Get that? Various municipalities will add illegal requirements and fees (bribes), to the process, and they will then yank your card if you accidently do something that is actually legal.


And it's not just guns, they also refuse to share criminal fingerprint data, but only of special criminals.

If somebody is an ILLEGAL immigrant (crime one) is arrested for an additional crime, our state government is resisting the federal request to send in fingerprint data to check weather the criminal has committed further crimes, possibly under other assumed names, given that illegals often use false or stolen identities to avoid detection.

Contempt of law and contempt of the citizens.
Hand in hand.


And from Jay G another story of what it's like in Mass. A friend of his tries to get a carry permit and faces a 7 week wait.

Now, that's some 73 days from the time he turned in his application until he received his MA LTC. That's nearly double the amount of time it is supposed to take by law - except, of course, that there are no penalties for the town breaking the law.

And then Jay talks about while there is recourse against a denial, the flaks handing out the permits can give you a downgraded one that is only good for "hunting and target", and that you can't appeal.

Wee'rd also mentions that in the comments of his post.

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