Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pink Guns.... Winning?

I've talked about Cracked before.

And now there's this The 5 Most Pointlessly Women Specific Products by Christina H. And Pink Guns come into number 4.

What's interesting is the tone.

I mean, I am really on the fence about whether I should purchase a gun for self-defense and recreation, or whether the safety hazards outweigh the benefits. But wait, pink you say? I'll take five! Look at how cute they are!

Is that really how gun makers think the mind of a woman works?

And that's the most critical Christina H gets. Not complaining about the idea of guns, but the idea that the manufactures are clueless as to what women would actually want in one.

Well, she gets a bit more heated later on.

There is one thing the gun industry has a lot of trouble understanding: women. Despite the push in recent years to get women more involved in the industry and the tremendous success of that push as shown by campaigns such as Women of USPSA and the appearance of blogs such as the Girls Guide to Guns the industry is still mostly staffed by men. That means there are men in the back rooms designing us pink plastic guns and purses that my grandma would find fashionable.

NEWS FLASH: THIS ISN’T WHAT WE WANT! I don’t care how pink your piece of junk, breaking down, awful to shoot, itty bitty “adorable” gun is, I don’t want it. Women have a right to awesome guns same as anyone else.

Acutally, it should be pretty cler that that's actually that's Shelly Rae at GunNuts. But it's very interesting that the tone is the same.

Christina H is not against Pink Guns because she's against guns being marketed to women. She's against the cluelessness behind such a marketing idea.

So again, Cracked normalizes firearms.

Also... it's interesting that Pink Guns only come in at number 4. Then again number 1 is quite insane.

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