Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Beautiful Weekend.

On Friday night a storm came through and took with it the hot, humid weather that had been pounding down the whole week.

Just in time for the re-opening of Eagle Creek Pistol Range

Went there and much fun was had. Ran into Bobbi and Tam as well.

For a note they have tightened some of the range rules. The biggest change you'll notice is no holstered firearms. So you'll have to have your weapons all cased before you get there. They're operating a cold range and being stricter about it now.

But the weather was good, the range staff was as always helpful, and the place only started to fill up at about noon.

Which was when we went off to India Palace. I'm with Bobbi, you ever want to try Indian food for the first time? Go there.

Low prices ($10 buffet) and very good quality. I had a roomate in university who was Indian and he always brought back some home cooking. Quality, quantity and variety.

And today the weather still holds. So off to get food for the grill, and then mow the lawn, and straighten some other things out.

Perhaps a good cigar later on.

Enjoy the day.

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