Friday, June 17, 2011

If you have to say "I'm not a crazy person."

A literal example of someone thinking academic credentials are a surrogate for class, intelligence, or even debating skills.

Here's a hint, if you have to tell people how smart you are, then you've failed as much as if you had to tell them that you're not crazy.

And the woman's accent and sneering condescension just sells the whole thing.

Gah, I went to university (and grad school look-at my degrees!) in Buffalo, and despite being the far west end of the state that place had its share of people with that exact accent and sense of shrill entitlement.

Oddly enough not many within my degree program and field of research. So let's just say I doubt our little-Miss-educated is a member of the hard or applied sciences.

Ooooh, I can be elitist too!

The best is at the end when the train staff just leave the woman, leaving her alone with her little snit, while the rest of the passengers snicker.

Via The Tatler.

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