Friday, June 3, 2011

Who'd have thought?

Giving government discretionary powers over rights invites petty favoritism and not so petty oppression.

Weer'd Beard talks on May Issue.

This is about taking away rights. In many towns in “May Issue” Massachusetts you can’t get a carry permit. Just can’t. None of this chickenshit minor conviction nonsense, just nobody is issued one because they chief has the right to say so.

Well not NOBODY, the Chief’s and other officers family and friends can get their permits OK, as the government officials and their family and friends, as well as those who work for the fire department. (When I hear somebody say they have a carry permit from such-and-such a town, I simply ask them “Police, or Firefighter”. I haven’t been wrong yet!)

These are bad laws, and they always lead to corruption and abuse. Furthermore the fear-mongering doesn’t seem to be all that realistic. The dude with all the minor convictions? He can legally drive a car. Buy Gasoline. Watch children in daycares or schools. Drive a public transit vehicle. Drive a heavy truck on the highway….hauling hazardous waste. This guy could be standing behind you in the elevator or in the parking garage. If he’s such a danger why would you let him walk free? If he’s not such a danger, what harm with letting him carry his gun be?

It's about fear or control.
There are those that want to control the public, and there are those that fear the public. Both require the disarmament and control of the public "for their own good".

And then there's the enablers. The ones that stand by and let the grabbers have their way, because someone else will protect them, or the grabber's not after the guns they have, or the classics like "nice people don't need guns" and "we can be reasonable and come to a common sense solution."

Again... fear and control.

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