Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kimber "Quality"

Unfortunatly this story sounds about right. Man buys new Kimber; it turns out to be a balky lemon due to faulty slide stop.

Speaking as a Kimber owner (and... "fan") I would be extremely reluctant to buy one new. For two reasons. New ones are grossly overpriced, and the quality has gone progressively downhill. I only need to look at my Father's Custom I and my Custom II (and that's an older one).

So….its now cost the price of the gun, plus a new mag catch that holds the mag higher than MILSPEC by .020″ (just a hair under 1/32″
difference from MILSPEC, which will snug it up in the Kimber with virtually no play) plus a new slidelock that IS NOT MIM, because I now DO NOT trust Kimber small-parts quality AT ALL. And the stovepipe, and failure to extract? Well…the extractor isn’t seated properly…you can see that when you look at it. Its slightly off having the extractor tooth being perfectly parallel to the rim of the round, so its not getting a full lock on the round. So, a new extractor is coming also, so I can replace THAT too, and make sure that its seated properly AND is a high-quality part, not a crap MIM part.

Yup. The problems with my Kimbers were traced to bad extractors. When I worked mine over I ended up replacing the bulk of the small parts with Wilson ones.

They now work great and it's been over half a year since a failure,
but still... not worth the premium. And I can accept some fiddling with a used weapon, but new... and at the prices they charge? Nope.

Even if they didn't have the qual issues they're not worth what they retail for new. Especially if you get any extras... not that they offer any extras that are more than cosmetic (other than night sights and ambi safeties).

Weer'd Beard has more.

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