Thursday, November 29, 2012

At least it's not a boot...

From the Internets:

 It's been over ten years since 9/11 and we're still living like this. I thought it might be temporary. Like Orwell said: 'picture a gloved government hand, feeling up your junk. Forever.'

Sad trombone...

Well thank goodness the US got rid of that Bush and  with the War on Terror over the TSA and Gitmo and the drones are all... oh right.

Here, this may cheer you up.  An AK from a shovel.   Seriously.  A guy took a shovel and used it to make an AK receiver.  Kinda puts that whole Russian Origami thing into perspective.

And the best part? Nothing of what Boris used to build that rifle is regulated, restricted, registered, or otherwise controlled in any way, shape, or form. For Heaven’s sake, the actual, legal "firearm" part of that rifle was constructed exclusively out of a shovel – how, exactly, are you going to control those? You could try to control barrel blanks, but, really, what are those except pipes of a certain internal and external diameter? Do you know how easy it is to make those? And the fiddly bits… do not make me laugh.

Which all brings us around to the coup de grace you all knew was coming – "gun control" is, has been, and will continue to be an abject and total waste of time, money, and effort. If a person really wants a firearm, given how many of them are in circulation, they will procure one by a variety of increasingly criminal methods. If that fails, however, they can simply make one, or find someone to make one for them. The concept of a magazine-fed, self-feeding, cartridge-based firearm has been so thoroughly explored, examined, and executed that any attempts to remove it from the collective knowledge base of humanity would meet with about the same success rate as trying to uninvent steam power. So how about we stop wasting everyone’s time? 

Same reason we have the War On Drugs.

This also ties into the whole "3D Printer Guns" fear.  Which I think Sebastian is right in putting in terms of the old Star Wars "strategy".   Sure in the short term  printing up a gun to order is scifi.  But you know what?   Now... missile defense works.  Just look at Iron Dome and Aegis.

And the fun part?  In the US it's already legal for a person to print up your own gun (at least in the free states).

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