Tuesday, November 20, 2012

When you think communism...

Don't you think imperialistic  nationalistic,  hereditary aristocracy?

November 20, 2012: Xi Jinping, the newly selected (by the Communist Party elders) leader of China for the next ten years is different from his predecessors. He is the first of the “heirs” to take power. That’s because he is the 59 year old son of one of the communist originals, a general who fought the Japanese and other Chinese factions to put the communists in power after World War II. Xi Jinping is thus a princeling, a member of the new hereditary aristocracy (children of the original communist leadership) that has replaced the ancient feudal aristocracy that was overthrown a century ago. Democracy was supposed to have replaced the Manchu dynasty, but instead there was decades of civil war followed by communist dictatorship and now a new hereditary, unelected, aristocracy.

Well, you probably should. It's not like China's special here.

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