Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I was wondering what Bill Whittle's response today would be...

It did not disappoint.  Look at the Common Sense Resistance

It's definitely worth the length.  Though if you're impatient the good stuff comes in 38 minutes in.

The trick is to not fight City Hall, it's to ignore City Hall.

And if you want to see the real meat go to 45 minutes in.

First wave(agricultural), Second wave (industrial),  Third wave (information) technology.
And the State is Second Wave.

And here's some notes I took while watching:

The key is voluntary action and funding.  A cycle where results are depended on further monies.

Unwillingness to face hard truths. Unwillingness to face evil. Unfamiliarity with hard times.  Standards of Historical Poverty.  What happens when a democracy reaches the tipping point?

Habits of Virtue. (Virtue defined as  restraining oneself from taking).

And he gets to the core question of... how do you get virtue?   And that it has to be taught.

And then there's the need of some to destroy "virtue" in others, to shut off the guilty voice in their own head.

I think he greatly stumbles when he gets to the homosexual glorification in the media. I think it would have been better if he pointed out that the media glorifies a libertine caricature of homosexuality that is really nothing more than a depraved stereotype.

There may be some hesitation on his idea of colors.  But red and blue have already been taken.  But he is thinking outside the box.

Voting to avoid hard truths.

And that government things have gotten so big that the course cannot be changed.

Whittle's solution?  Parallelism.

Non coercive means to fund redundant systems. Sort of like kickstarters.  Actually think on that.  The idea of people putting in money to reach a goal. Collectively AND voluntarily.

What is a school?  How good school performance assured?

And the question of what comes after...  after the money runs out.

Drop out, pay your taxes, do your own thing.

Open source governance.

What are you?  What are you really?

Support and survival networks for when this thing comes.

Courage is a choice.

They can steal the government but they can't steal the country.

On final thoughts, I've seen a lot of this.  Many of my purchases are with small and micro businesses and people I know from friends of friends.  Like some beef I'm going to buy or some books I'll be picking up.

More free association.

And Whittle is careful to note that things will get worse, a lot worse.  And the progs are sharpening their knives and crowing about how they've got the Titanic, and without all the wreckers and hoarders (yeah Mr. A uses that exact word).  Things will be all gravy and sunshine.

They're even bragging about how now California is pure of that Republican taint that had been ruining everything.   Keep your powder dry and your eyes peeled.  Because they're getting gleeful.

And really disengaging is the best thing.

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