Thursday, November 22, 2012

Yeah.... that feels about right.

Okay... I technically didn't have any pie today.  Or turkey.  I cooked a spiral ham for the family that was delicious. The key is to let the ham render its own broth that you can baste it in, even if it needs some help getting started.

Pictures will follow, a bit too dizzy just right now to pull off the camera.

But I'd like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

And speaking of the importance of Pie Dave in Texas has a mediation on our men and women in uniform and  Thanksgiving.

And on the broader subject of Ponies and Thanksgiving here's Erin's thoughts.  Erin you're good people, and your actions have a notable group on this creaky and cranky tribe that we find ourselves in.   In our own way we can all make a difference.  And even if we are going to that special kind of hell in a high speed wicker conveyance then what we do on the way still matters.

Character counts.  And on a related note the various Tam raffles and direct donations are still going on.  Some are ending today, but others are still going on.

Hope you had a Happy day and a satiating meal, and if you did have to be far from home or alone, I hope you had a moment to call back to those that love and care for you.

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