Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Keep Calm and Take Someone to the Range.

Not just for the recoil therapy aspect, but to get more people into the 2nd Amendment.

That also goes for helping someone thinking about buying a gun or getting their toter's card.

Given the Stupid Party (and the lessons they'll learn,  More Senator Jebus, more "careful centrsit) and the Progs (more "equality"  and we can do whatever we want), I fear that Tam's prediction that we'll end up as "Europe with better gun laws." may be a bit optimistic.  Just look at where the Overton Window has moved.

(On the upside said window has moved pretty well for guns at least).

Because, well, the money doesn't exist for the US to play at being Europe. The money doesn't exist for Europe to be Europe. And if you look at other nations and the war clouds brewing....

Either way we're screwed. That was baked into the cake. Hell,  one election theme was that a go-getter, maybe competent, socialism-corporatism gun banner would be a firewall against another, but lazier and incompetent, socialism-corporatism gun banner.

Another was the perennial twins of "Vote for free ice-cream." and "Vote for the Status quo."

That's the problem.  As a country we're flying into a mountain.  One side says "Oh crap we're gonna crash.  Quick, open the windows and flap our arms!"  

The other side says "What are you crazy! There's no such thing as mountains. We're running late! Up the throttle and pass out more peanuts."

And the passengers not wanting to go through the hassle of all that flapping figure: Hey, free peanuts.

So go to the range,  have some fun. 

And get ready because something that can't go on forever... won't.

For example.

And here's Weerd with some thoughts.  I'm not as optimistic that the Stupid Party will learn, or that the GOP heads will face consequences for two losses like this.  But there is this upside:

For those of you concerned about your guns, take a quick look at the Pro-Choice people. They’ve been saying for YEARS if we elect a Republican they’ll ban abortion. Hell George W. Bush was about as Bible-Thumpy as they come, he was pro-life, and for his first term he had support of the House and Senate. You see him attempting to ban Abortion? Now guns are in a LITTLE more jeopardy, but that’s just a semantic statement. The gun shops will be loaded, the hunting season will be filled with black rifles, and the person standing next to you on the sidewalk, or sitting at the next table over in the Restaurant, they’re carrying a gun.

And that's why you help people you know get that gun, get that toter's permit.

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