Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gary Johnson?

Well here's Linoge with the pro.  And here's Bill Whittle with the con.

Read all and watch to the end.

I can see the arguments for both sides.  And you can go with how "only the swing states matter" and SCOTUS nominations, and how far more competent, motivated, and deft Romney is (double edged that sword is),  and the idea of putting in a better Republican in 4 years and building a viable third party.

They're all good points.    And even if Obama doesn't do much himself, his cronies are still empowered and internationally we live in very interesting times.     Hell the debt and dependency issues aren't going away.

I don't have a decision for you.   You'll have to vote your conscious.  And that'll be if you go for the lizard or the wookie.  Edit, me I'm going for the wookie.  But I'm in a "red state". And I can't really begrudge someone for going for the lizard.

I will say that if you vote for Obama you're a fool or on the take.

For the former, that man played all you hopium addicts like the last Tulip seller in Haarlem and like a penny dreadful villain he explained his whole con in the very books you all bought and pretended to read.

For the latter,  well it don't matter what I say does it?  As long as the checks keep coming and you get to scream about how greedy everyone else is for not paying you more.

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