Friday, November 9, 2012

Petraeus resigns, gets out of testifying about Benghazi

The timing sure is convenient.  Head of the CIA former General and major coutner insurgency officer  resigns over an affair...  right after the election and right before he was going to testify about Benghazi?    Course it's not just him.   And it's not just mass resignations  that are "suddenly" coming up.  Other stories are now newsworthy.  And things like 100%+ voter turnout and 99%, 100% voting for Dear Leader are seen as gee-whiz and strange-news instead of frightening harbingers.

Really the best way to defuse this is to still have Petraeus testify.  He can still do that.  Sure it could just be an affair,  and if it is, then it shouldn't get in the way with him testifying about something of national import.  

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