Saturday, November 10, 2012

Donate some money and some baked goods and you could win a Gun with NO moving parts.

To repeat  Tam's in a spot of trouble  and could use some help.   And there's plenty of really good raffles with some very awesome prizes.

And don't get me wrong, the raffles are great, raising money is very good,  but it's also missing a human factor.   If you want to do a personal touch, and sent something to Tam, there is an option too.

Erin Palette is putting together care packages for Tam. "Anything that can put a smile on her face — baked goods, silly toys, comic books/trashy novels — is welcome."  If you don't have a lot of money,  or have something that you want to give,  please go to that link and get into contact with her.

Donations are great, and I'm going to give my own spiel, but  don't overlook other things you can do.  Myself I've got more than a few silly toys I've got lined up and will be sending.  I strongly encourage you to get into contact with Erin and help with that too.

Now onto what seems to be getting everyone all up in arms...   Gamblin'!

Joe Speer over at Jackalope Rifle Company has had the good grace and generosity to offer one of his handgonnes. It's fifty caliber with a fluted barrel and is currently being blued.

These things are a literal blast and I can attest to the great workmanship in the pieces.

To get entered into this contest, go to Tam's place and donate. When you fill out your donation and forward the e-mail receipt you get to Jennifer at with the code  JACK  want in the subject line.

Entries will be taken until December 10th and then a drawing will be held.

$15 dollars will get you a ticket.    $25 will get you two tickets.  $50 will get you five tickets.

And oh yes,  if you work with  Erin and contribute to the Care Package your total ticket count will go up by 50% (rounded up).  It's that easy.

But wait there's more!   There's stretch goals.

If we get more than $100 in donations for this, the winner will also receive: A supply of 50 call bullets, miscellaneous shot,  patches, lube and fuse.

Update: First Goal met!  

More than $200 and the winner will get all of the above and the following: A ramrod, lighter, touch hole pick, and powder measure.

Update: Second Goal met!  

For the final stretch goal,  if we break $300 you'll get all of the above, the ammo, the tools, the handgonne,   plus:  a powder horn and two pounds of 3F black powder (shipping restrictions apply).

Update: Third Goal met!

With enough donations you'll could win a complete range kit.   And if you contribute to the Care Package you'll increase your chances of winning.

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Jennifer said...

I've got you on my spreadsheet, weird ticket levels and all. I'm telling you, I've got mad spreadsheet skills. You or Erin will have to let me know who gets the care package bonus.