Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quote of the Day Linoge: Malum prohibitum

Let's dive right in:
Is that (currently) a (malum prohibitum) crime?  Absolutely.  Would anyone find out?  Probably not.  Is there any way to stop me from committing said crime?  Probably not, and certainly not the way the current shipping industries are set up.  And who exactly would be harmed if I broke that law?  Not a soul.

And people wonder why my tolerance for government at a whole is at an all-time low and dropping…
That sure can apply to a lot of laws huh?  Kinda makes you wonder about the role and scope of governance.

And if you really must know what law he's talking about, go here.

Linoge also has  his Graphics Matter.  In case you were curious on how the whole guns versus crime correlation was going.

And on a related note JayG also talks about

The horror of having "dispensing devices, cups, hundreds of dollars in cash and even a tip jar"
Cups!  A stockpile!  What dastardly crime was being committed?

Unlicensed sale of liquor... to adults... under 21! Dun dun dun.

Why on earth do we have laws that seem so counter to human nature for victimless crimes? Why is the drinking age 21 when one is considered a legal adult three years prior? I know perhaps a handful of people - literally enough to count on one hand - that did not drink a drop of alcohol before their 21st birthday. Can't we stop pretending that the drinking age being 21 actually stops *anyone* from drinking before they turn 21?

Good thing we can keep all those illegal, and legal, drugs away from those "kids"... most of which are in their twenties.   Won't somebody please Think of the Children!

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