Saturday, February 23, 2013

ATTN Colorado Gunnies.

The magazine ban (and other bans) passed the State House.

It still has to go through the Senate, and the Governor still has to sign it.

And the Governor is waffling.

Losing companies that pay taxes and employ voters will do that.   As is having angry voters calling you up and visiting.

He's not waffeling out of the goodness of his heart,  he's doing it out of fear of his phony baloney jobs

If you live in Colorado, drop him a line.

And get in contact with your state senator too.   And remember who voted against your rights when 2014 comes up. There has to be consequences to these actions.

Gun Control was a toxic issue not because the Dems (or the Republicans for that matter.  Read this article for example.) liked armed citizens.  It was toxic because those that voted for it lost in all but the Bluest of enclaves.

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