Friday, February 1, 2013

ATTN: Minnesota Gunnies: 7 Round magazine Ban coming your way

Not just that but an Assault Weapons Ban and a host of other gun control legislation.

No grandfathering either.   If it passes your choices are sell out of state, turn in to the police, or defy the law.
And yes, that would obliviate most every pistol in the state.   That's the point.

And Minnesota has dem majorities in both legislative chambers.  At the link is contact information.  You're gonna want to use it if you live in that State.  This is a serious infringement that can pass if the Dems hold together.   Be best to show them the mistake of that view.

By pure coincidence the President will be visiting Minnesota next week.  At the link is information on where that's going. Show up for the counter protest if you can.

They'll keep trying where ever and however they can.

And funny how Seven rounds is the new Ten, eh?

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