Friday, February 8, 2013

Common Sense Pool Control.

Nobody "needs" a pool or spa. They are wasteful status symbols or the elite.

And worse they're responsible for the deaths of nearly four hundred children a year.

What kind of so-called law-abiding pool owner can live with that much blood on their hands?

All pools in private hands should be filled in, and swimming limited to bodies of water with professional life guards on staff.  If you want to swim you can go to the YMCA or an approved beach.

Spas should also be restricted to licensed and government inspected facilities   That's too much hot water to trust in private, unregulated hands.

Some may say that this unfairly punishes those who are responsible with their pools, and that this is a gross manipulation of the death of children for an overt agenda.

Some may also say that given the vast number of creeks, ponds, lakes and streams, that sensible pool control is a folly since people will still go swimming regardless.

Or that the wealthy will still be able to keep their pools as the police look the other way.

To them I say, why do you hate children? If it saves one life it's worth it.

How about a compromise?   Maybe we'll just  have a registry of pools to keep track of responsible owners, or we could grandfather in existing pools, and simply ban new pools.

Or how about a ban of high capacity pools and assault spas?   Nobody needs more than 10 thousand gallons of water.

No don't look at my above statement that pools need a total ban.

You can trust my stance now that I'm just for a sensible conversation on pool safety.

How many children need to die before these people get over their water fetish?

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