Saturday, February 16, 2013

Colorado's gotten very serious.

Biden himself is lobbying to push the Colorado House forward to vote on their mag bans and other gun control.

This shows the danger of having both legislative houses and the governor in Democratic hands. When the national party comes in (in the person of the Vice president) and puts on the pressure they'll ride that gun control pony.

Sebastian has advice:

 We are in real trouble in Colorado, and Coloradans all have to stand up and be heard from. More importantly, because the Democrats have screwed you, volunteer for pro-gun candidates in 2014 and teach these folks a lesson.
I think it’s incumbent among gun owners everywhere to remember a simple saying, “Don’t get mad, get even.” The 2014 elections will be coming up, and no matter what our legislators do to us, let’s agree to get even.
 Positive and negative reinforcement are needed.  And that means involvement.

This isn't a partisan issue,  it's a civil rights issue.

The shame is that one party is ruled at the top by people who are actively hostile to rights.

Hostile to the point where they'll spend millions against a former Democratic Representative because she's pro-gun. So if you're in Illinois there's work there too.

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