Thursday, February 14, 2013

ATTN.... Gunnies in a mess of states.

Sebastian has a news dump of a bunch of stuff that's going on.

Action in New York, Colorado, California, and Washington, and more.

Such as Illinois where apparently pro-gun Democrat Debbie Halvorson has a shot at a Congressional Seat.
Telling is how Bloomberg is sinking over a million to try and stop her.

Or New Jersey where the antis have passed a raft of laws out of committee.   Most of which are naked harassment to gun owners.

And speaking of New York here's a fascinating boycott idea that hopefully we can spread.

In short: If it's not legal for the general public to own, we won't sell it to police.

Meaning if a state bans all magazines over seven rounds for the proles, well than that's what will be sold to the cops too.

Kinda puts those Peelian Principles back into play, eh?

And remember, don't get complacent.

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