Monday, February 25, 2013

Keep an eye open.

I'll let Tam start this off.

 While an Assault Weapons Ban pounds loudly on the front door, keep an eye out for de facto Registration trying to jimmy the lock out back.
The antis would love an AWB, and thus it makes a great stalking horse.  But keep in mind, the Antis (Bloomberg, Obama, ect) really, really want Private Sale Bans too.

Tam continues:

 Without some form of registration, a requirement for background checks on private transfers turns into a capriciously and randomly-enforced farce. Indiana apparently had a requirement that all handgun transfers had to go through an FFL from the mid-'80s through the mid-'90s and by all accounts the law was flouted left and right by good guys and bad guys alike; not so when a registration requirement ups the ante of good guys getting caught.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out  the "solution" to a capricious private sale ban.

Second Amendment Foundation has started a new project:  Casting Gun Rights as a Civil Rights issue.

They're focusing on the racist history of Gun Control and making it a question of Equality.  Good idea.

Via JayG.   Who noticed something when he was at the Gun Shop, in Massachusetts.  And he finds huge lines, low stock, and high prices:

This is in Massachusetts, folks. Not Texas or Florida. Massachusetts. Standing room only and an hour plus long wait to buy whatever it was they had on the shelves. A S&W ORC M&P15 was on the shelf for $1,500. WASR-10s were selling for $1,000. Glocks - which already command a premium in MA and sell used for more than new in Free America - were selling for $700. For a used G22.

I forget who made the comment - Tam, perhaps? - that people aren't buying these guns to turn them in. At the prices being asked - and I can only assume that these prices are being met, as inventory seems to be moving pretty briskly - folks aren't looking at this as an investment. Here in MA, even, we're facing a ban very similar to that in place in NY - where those $50 "pre-ban" magazines will instantly because forbidden - and yet weapons with capacities in excess of 10 rounds (7 rounds) are still flying off the shelves.
Either there's misplaced confidence that our representatives will grow some semblance of sanity, or there's massive civil disobedience on the horizon.

And as a reminder.  You have contacted your Senators and Congressional Rep this week?   Right?

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