Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quote of the day RobertaX: " Want to keep your guns? Share your ammo. Be a friend. "

It's one thing to buy a gun, but if you don't have any ammo for it you can't practice with it.  You won't be as skilled and you won't be as engaged.

     Do what you can.  If you've got plenty saved back, spare a box for new shooters.  If you can find the time, help new shooters at the range.  Teach good gun-handling -- and where to look up the name of Congresscritters.

      We're getting an influx of new shooters.  Let's make sure they stay.  We need their voices and their votes.  I believe it's better to have plenty of allies than more ammo stockpiled than I can shoot in a year. You can only shoot each round once, but people vote year after year.

Right on.

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