Tuesday, February 12, 2013

They want you isolated, they want you to feel alone.

They want you to feel bad and most of all they want you to just go away.

Erin Palette  deals with the limitations imposed on the law-abiding gun owner in: The Closet of Self-Censorship
How would you like it if every time you tried to express your feelings, your past failures were thrown in your face as a reason why you shouldn't be allowed to be yourself? Gun owners aren't allowed to have bad days, or dark feelings, or admit to failure, because the moment we do, those are used against us -- or worse, the police are called. 

And for some, this is intentional.  It's public shaming for those they view as socially deviant. And worse it's done by people who will pat themselves on the back about how tolerant and caring they are.
It's not the guns they fear and hate, it's the people dare to have them.
Hatred is a delightful feeling for some, especially if they can do it with the blessings of the "socially enlightened".
Not all are motivated by hate.  Some simply by fear. I'm reminded of this quote:  
I want to carry a gun to protect myself from criminals, they want to ban guns to protect themselves from friends and neighbors. But I'm the one that's paranoid. -- Larry Arnold


Stay strong, there will be bad days ahead, there may even be good days, and remember that you are not alone.

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