Monday, February 11, 2013

It's not Completely a Republican versus Democrat issue.

Yes the Democrats are being the big motivators on the gun control push,  but some Republicans are going soft too.

This is why ht's a good idea to write to your reps.  Especially on Private Sale Bans and Universal Background Checks, which some House Repubs are thinking may be a fine compromise..

Don't think Republican = Safe.  As there's a gaggle of them that are looking to vote on a Private Sale ban,

That said there are some Democrats that you may want to help.

Such as Debbie Halvorson who wants the House Seat that  used to be Jesse Jackson Jr's

Yeah Bloomberg and the Chicago machine are gonna try to stop her.  And this is early because it's Chicago so the primary is what counts.

Illinois gunnies should look into her.   This is part machine politics and part trying to remove dissenting Democrats.

As Sebastian is wont to say,  we gunnies need positive reinforcement too.

Such as PA where there's an incumbent governor versus a likely challenge who is very anti gun.

Speaking of that Sebastian looks into the Dem's shift to thinking Gun Control is a winner for them.

And the scary bit of looking to 2014. Where the fate of those that voted for gun control (and those that voted against it)  will be a measure of how much enthusiasm there will be for the next push.

As Sebastian notes, that requires both the carrot and the stick.

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