Friday, February 8, 2013

California Killer Cop A Staunch Democrat!

Taking an idea from RobertaX.

It's true.  The former police officer who is still at large made his politics very clear when he released his manifesto.

Strangely enough  you don't see this from the media:

California Killer Cop A Staunch Democrat!


California Killer Cop Demands Gun Control!

Because the political motivations of  some killers aren't important.Of course, that doesn't mean the Democrats are to blame for his actions.

But that the media won't even report his politics, and will actively redact them.

And as for collective blame,  recall that the media will tout even the most tenous connections if they think a killer is a republican or a dreaded Tea Partier.

Hell, the whole gun control push is a form of collective punishment.

Look at the mounting pressure for a ban on Private Sales of guns.
These mass killers didn't get their guns via private sales.
And that doesn't matter, these laws are about punishment and revenge.

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